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Key Guiding Principles

Integrity– Maintaining the highest attainable standards of integrity is fundamental to achieving the goals of SOWED, maximizing the benefits for all our stakeholders and advancing local, sectoral, national, regional and international development goals. At SOWED Kenya always consider and seek to faithfully adhere to universal ethical principles that include respect for stakeholders, beneficence, and justice.

Transparency-Open, honest, timely, and clear communication enables transparency and fosters collaborative, trusting and constructive relationships. At SOWED Kenya we value and promote transparency in the use of donor and community resources and in conduct of our affairs including engagement with partners, donors and beneficiaries. We are an organization that can be trusted to deliver on its promises.

Accountability- Accountability is fundamental to sustaining relationships built on trust and mutual respect. SOWED Kenya is accountable to stakeholders including our funders, sponsors, governments, beneficence and society at large.  We values both process and outcome accountability. We are an organization that engages with stakeholders and beneficiaries throughout its work

Respect-Respect among our stakeholders is key to communicating effectively, fostering trust, and developing partnerships to achieve collective goals. Respect is demonstrated when SOWED and stakeholders communicate and act in ways that value and honor each others’ perspectives and realities. We are an organization that promotes positive social transformation; 

Mutual Understanding –A common understanding about objectives and how to achieve them is essential to effective partnerships between SOWED Kenya and stakeholders. This requires SOWED and stakeholders to develop competency in both socio-cultural issues and implementation process. This will include understanding the norms, practices and beliefs of relevant local cultures, and local socio circumstances, as well as diverse local, sectoral, national, regional and international stakeholders’ perspectives, realities, priorities, and needs. We are an organization whose objectives have local, national, regional and global relevance.

Posted 06 May 2014 0:20

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