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Our Theory of Transformation

At SOWED Kenya we believe that the underlying cause for the high disease burden among women and children in Kenya accounting for a high maternal and child mortality is gender inequality manifesting itself in gender based discrimination and violence and other forms of human rights violations which are ordained by the asymmetry of power between men and women and is entrenched in all institutions of society.

This asymmetry of power is fed by low understanding of human rights in general and outright disregard for women and children rights which impunity is entrenched in archaic laws and policies, and cultural beliefs, values, attitudes and practices that justify and perpetuate exclusion, discrimination, oppression, domination, violence and control of women and children as a social norm. 

Gender based discrimination and violence is a common form of human rights violation in Kenya, which undermines women’s health, opportunities and denying them the ability to fully exercise their fundamental human rights and to play a powerful role in politics, leadership, sustainable development and poverty eradication. Every woman and child in Kenya is a potential victim of gender based discrimination and violence –the risks increase in remote, conservative and low income areas with low awareness of human rights and lack of respect for the rule of law.

Our role, as an organization, is to mobilize and empower grassroots communities around the themes of women and children rights to prevent gender based discrimination and violence, and to strengthen public policies and practices that foster healthy, just and safe communities for women and children in Kenya within a human rights-based framework.  

Posted 05 May 2014 0:32

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