About Us

SOWED Kenya is a health driven gender and social justice organization, working with others to build Healthy, Just and Peaceful communities in Kenya.

Our main thematic areas are Education, Gender, Governance and Health.






Our projects are designed to foster safety, gender equality, good governance and health rights, amongst vulnerable, marginalized and disadvantaged communities in Kenya.


Introduction The Jitokeze Project aims at reducing the spread and influence of violent extremism among youth in challenging urban contexts....

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Jiongoze is a three-year project aiming at reducing vulnerability to radicalization and violent extremism amongst youth, by enhancing their sense of purpose and improving their life opportunities.

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Shule Salama

Preventing violent extremism by identifying and mitigating risk factors that stem from inevitable linkages between schools, families and communities.

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Wasichana Salama

A social change movement promoting alternative norms of safety, equality, respectful and non-violent relationships towards total eradication of female genital mutilation.

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Toilets for Schools

A three-year campaign to improve dilapidated and rundown sanitation facilities in public primary schools, as well offer comprehensive lessons on hygiene and sanitation to pupils.

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We work with our partners to provide innovative solutions that foster healthy, just and peaceful communities in Kenya.