Toilets for Schools

The Toilets for Schools campaign (T4S), is a three (3) year program which aims at raising funds locally towards the rehabilitation and upgrading to World Toilet Organization (WHO) standards of a hundred (100) toilets in ten (10) public primary schools in Kajiado County, by the year 2020. The campaign will also provide holistic education on menstrual hygiene and practicing healthy behaviors. T4S was launched by SOWED Kenya, with support from the Agakhan Foundation’s Yetu Initiative.

T4S was inspired by the plight of pupils who are attending public primary schools in Kajiado North Constituency. The introduction of Free Primary Education (FPE) in 2003 led to a tremendous increase in pupil population amongst public primary schools. In Kajiado North Constituency particularly, public primary schools have an average population of over 1500 pupils. This has placed a severe strain on the existing and inadequate school infrastructure and facilities including toilets. SOWED Kenya, together with the Department of Public Health in Ongata Rongai Division, conducted a feasibility study to assess the condition and usability of toilets in Ongata Rongai. These studies, covered four (4) out of five (5) public primary schools in the area and the results indicate that the average ratio of toilets to pupils amongst the schools is 1:77 for boys and 1:70 for girls. This ratio is 157% higher than the WHO recommended toilets to pupil ratio of 1:30 (for boys) and 180% higher than the recommended ratio for girls (1:25). Additionally, most of these toilets are in a warrying state, as some have broken or rickety doors, gaping holes, torn and rusty roofs, worn out paints and broken vent pipes. Others are almost full, lack a privacy wall, while substructure of some have collapsed and cannot be rehabilitated.

To achieve the objective of the campaign, SOWED Kenya is collaborating with targeted schools to form alumni associations which will fundraise towards the rehabilitation and upgrading of the existing dilapidated toilets within the school. SOWED Kenya has also pledged to match every shilling raised by alumni associations and to include a representative of the association in the technical team which oversees the construction work. This model has worked at Ongata Rongai Primary School, where the girls’ toilets have been rehabilitated through the campaign. The model is also the results of lessons learnt from difficulties in fundraising and local resource mobilization, experienced during the initial stages of the campaign.

To donate to the campaign: go to Lipa na MPESA, Enter Paybill No 891300, Account No. TOILET (No MPESA Fees), OR visit the Mchanga page ( to view the progress of the campaign.

Should you require further information kindly contact SOWED Kenya on 020 5000 518 or email