SOWED KENYA Conducts YFK Teachers Training

SOWED Kenya has conducted 3 teachers training for the YFK Project. The 3 days training intended to introduce the teachers to the Youth First Kenya model and to equip teachers with adequate knowledge and skills on how to conduct both Resilience and Health Curriculum of the Youth First model. The trainings were attended by all the 20 teachers drawn from the 10 schools implementing the Youth First Kenya Project in Kajiado County.

The trainings have been a success as the teachers were able to grasp the contents of the projects and able to conduct the session as reported by the staff during the session observation and support visit to the project schools.

See the reports below for full details on the three trainings.

  1. Report On YFK Teachers Refresher Training
  2. YFK Resilience I Teachers Training Report
  3. YFK Resilience II Teachers Training Report