SOWED Kenya Expands Youth First Kenya Project (YFK)

YFK will be implemented in 15 intervention schools in 2019, a 275% increase from the 4 intervention schools of 2018.

As from January 2019, SOWED Kenya will expand the Youth First Kenya (YFK) to reach more schools and impact more pupils. YFK is an integrated resilience and health training program, that seeks to build social and emotional assets, such as coping skills, character strengths, and positive self-regard, as well as improving adolescent health.

SOWED Kenya implemented the Youth First Kenya Project (YFK) in Kajiado County between January 2018 and August 2018. The project covered four schools including Esonorua Primary School in Kajiado West, Noompopong Primary School in Kajiado East, Olooltepes Primary School in Kajiado East and Olmotiany Primary School in Kajiado Central, while a total of 109 students across these schools were selected to participate in the project, under the guidance of eight (8) project teachers (also referred to as facilitators).

In 2019, 15 schools from Kajiado North, East and West will be selected for the implementation of the project while approximately 285 pupils are projected to benefit from it. This follows the successful implementation of the project in the year 2018, which impacted the education and behavior of the participating pupils. The expansion fortifies the promise of the adoption of the project in all counties in Kenya.