SOWED Kenya Hands over Refurbished Toilets at Ongata Rongai Primary School

A block of fourteen-toilets was refurbished at Ongata Rongai Primary School through the Toilets for School (T4S) Campaign.

On September 13, 2018 SOWED Kenya, in collaboration with the recently formed Alumni Association of Ongata Rongai Primary School, opened a refurbished block of fourteen-toilets, for use by girls from the school.  The toilets were refurbished through SOWED Kenya’s Toilets for School (T4S) campaign, which aims at raising funds locally towards the rehabilitation and upgrading to World Toilet Organization (WHO) standards of a hundred (100) toilets in ten (10) public primary schools in Kajiado County, by the year 2020.

The launch marked the first success story of the T4S campaign, following difficulties in fundraising and local resource mobilization, experienced during the initial stages of the campaign. SOWED Kenya collaborated with the administration of Ongata Rongai Primary School to form an alumni association which provided both cash and in-kind donations towards the rehabilitation and upgrading of the girls’ toilets in the school.

The refurbishment work involved installing a new roof, fitting vent pipes, repairing doors, plastering walls, building a privacy wall and repainting the facility at a cost of KES 250, 000. To ensure the success of the campaign, SOWED Kenya matched every shilling raised by the alumni association and included its representative in the technical team which oversaw the construction work.

The toilets were handed over during a jubilant ceremony, attended by pupils, teachers including the headteacher and his deputies, alumni of the school and SOWED Kenya staffers. Pupils from the school appreciated SOWED Kenya for the good work and urged both the organization and the alumni to  also refurbish the boys’ toilets.